margaret-buj-interview--coachMy name is Margaret Buj and I specialize in helping professionals get hired, promoted and earn more.

In my 10 years of international recruitment experience, I’ve interviewed thousands of people across Europe, Middle East and the US and over the last 8 years of running my coaching practice, I’ve successfully helped hundreds of job seekers gets the jobs or promotions they really wanted.

Even accomplished interviewees get out of practice and sometimes ‘fail to nail’ important interviews. Why is that?

For every role there are many qualified candidates, but some people fail to land the roles they could be right for, again and again. People who are brilliant at interview only ever do one or two - they get offered jobs. To get the job you want you just have to get two things right:

Your CV/resume is your marketing collateral: it needs to portray your essence quickly and clearly, identify what value you bring and should be tweaked to fit the role you apply for.

Your interview technique: Once you’ve got the interview, the job can be yours if you don’t mess up! Interviewers don’t waste time with the unqualified. So, if you don’t get an offer for the next step from every interview, you’ve said something that got in the way, or you didn’t say the key thing that showed your value. With a resume that gets you in, and interview technique that gets you offers, your prospects will change very quickly.

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