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There are a few mistakes you must know about if you want to ensure you are not passed over for a promotion. Mistake 1: MBA or industry certifications don’t necessarily earn you more money. A lot of people think that if they do an MBA or certain certifications, they are almost guaranteed to get a […]


In both my recruitment and coaching jobs, I hear from a lot of people who are currently looking for a new job, but they are starting from a defeated attitude. They figure there aren’t many jobs and there’s no money and it’s impossible to get a pay rise in the current economy. There are also […]


Do you feel like you’re stuck in your current job? Are you ready to move up? It’s tough to climb the corporate ladder, but if you want a job that excites you and pays well, you’ll likely have to make the climb at some point. If you want to get a promotion, you’ll need to […]