5 tips to help you prepare for graduate job interviews

Getting an interview is an achievement in itself as many jobs online and especially graduate roles attract hundreds of applications. However, how do you make yourself stand out among many, equally qualified candidates? Here are some tips to help you land that job: Find out what type of interview you’ll have Employers are often using telephone […]

How to organise your job search and land your dream job

Job hunting can be a fast paced process, especially when searching and applying for numerous positions at the same time. Without organisation, it can become easy to lose track of where you are up to with each application, which can both waste your time and impact your productivity. Find out the different ways you can […]

5 tips for landing your dream job through social media

social media

If you’re looking for a new job right now, you can expect to find an increasing number of opportunities via social media platforms. Here are my 5 tips for landing your dream job through social media. Build your reputation and position yourself as an expert through social media Once you’ve decided how you’re going to […]

How to get more interviews in a competitive job market

In my recruitment job, one of the biggest mistakes I see is job seekers using the same CV for every job vacancy without tailoring it to specific jobs. Tailoring your CV/resume for each job you are applying for might sound like a time consuming task, but it can significantly increase your chances of securing an […]

Advanced Video Chat Interview Techniques

In a recent survey conducted by OfficeTeam in the US, six in every ten HR managers reported using two-way Internet based video chat to interview job candidates. The 500 HR managers who participated in the survey reported pressure to cut costs and interview greater number of applicants targets as the reasons for adopting video chat […]

Why you should treat job interviews like sales meetings

Guest post by John Fawkes  Here’s how job interviews usually go: you (the applicant) spend most of the time answering questions about yourself- what you’ve done, what you’re good at, what your biggest weakness is.  The interviewer drives the conversation, and you follow her lead.  In answering their questions, you either talk about what you’ve […]