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Many people are not comfortable with the concept and practice of self-promotion. However, no matter how good you are at your job, without self-promotion your achievements may be overlooked. So how can you promote your achievements without looking smarmy? For many professionals, but in my experience especially IT professionals the idea of self promotion smacks […]


If you want to become visible in your work or community, you’ve probably been told you need to “put yourself out there”. When I did a survey last year, one of the most popular topics was also self-promotion. We recognize we need to be visible to our bosses, clients etc if we want to get […]


In both my recruitment and coaching jobs, I hear from a lot of people who are currently looking for a new job, but they are starting from a defeated attitude. They figure there aren’t many jobs and there’s no money and it’s impossible to get a pay rise in the current economy. There are also […]


Having worked with a lot of senior level clients lately and reviewing their resumes, got me thinking about the world of executive work and employment/job search trends. I’ve noticed that things have changed in the last few years and things that worked 5 years ago, might make your executive resume look outdated today. It is […]


Would you like to know a couple of techniques which will exponentially boost your chances of landing highly sought after positions and give you more control, more choice and more confidence? While you can’t change the number of jobs available and can’t get rid of the growing number of competing job seekers, you CAN change […]


If you are going for a senior level job interview, do you know how to position yourself as a high-value target? Whether we are discussing personal marketing collateral (resume/CV, executive profile) or your communication message, there are two requirements. One, they must be cohesive. Who you are in person is exactly who is portrayed on […]


Hello Recruiters on average spend no more than 10 seconds reading your CV. In this video I will talk about how to create a resume headline that works and that gets your CV noticed by recruiters! For more tips, check out my eGuide “Land that Job!” available at You can get it with £12 […]


Are you stuck in the notion that the job interview is just about the job duties – it’s NOT! Here is what the interviewer is really looking for. CAN HE/SHE DO THE JOB? The first item of business for an interviewer to determine is if you have the qualification to perform the duties of the […]