How to self-promote effectively

If you want to become visible in your work or community, you’ve probably been told you need to “put yourself out there”. When I did a survey last year, one of the most popular topics was also self-promotion. We recognize … Continued

10 ways to get ahead in a BAD ECONOMY

In both my recruitment and coaching jobs, I hear from a lot of people who are currently looking for a new job, but they are starting from a defeated attitude. They figure there aren’t many jobs and there’s no money … Continued

How to improve your executive resume

Having worked with a lot of senior level clients lately and reviewing their resumes, got me thinking about the world of executive work and employment/job search trends. I’ve noticed that things have changed in the last few years and things … Continued

How to prove you are a high-value target in a senior level job interview

If you are going for a senior level job interview, do you know how to position yourself as a high-value target? Whether we are discussing personal marketing collateral (resume/CV, executive profile) or your communication message, there are two requirements. One, … Continued

Create a CV headline that works!

Hello Recruiters on average spend no more than 10 seconds reading your CV. In this video I will talk about how to create a resume headline that works and that gets your CV noticed by recruiters! For more tips, check … Continued