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Would you like to learn some tips and techniques that will skyrocket your chances of getting any job that you interview for? Would you like the interviewer to be 100% convinced that you are THE best person for the job?

I’ll reveal tips and strategies I’ve learnt during my career as an international recruiter and Interview Coach ranging from preparation of a winning CV to negotiating of the best possible salary.

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“Supreme Self-Confidence” DVD

Most people have confidence issues on a regular basis. For some people they are fleeting problems, for others they may be more long-term. From successful celebrities to everyday workers, confidence can and does elude us on certain occasions.

The thing that sets the ‘seemingly confident’ apart from others is the strategies they employ to overcome the nerves or to use them to their benefit. Boost Your Confidence consists of 8 experts giving you the tools to be more confident in presentations, meetings and job interviews.

This DVD will show you step-by-step techniques to take your life to a whole new level.

Assessment Centres

“Assessment Centres” DVD

An assessment centre is usually an all day event (or longer) which forms part of the latter stages of a company’s recruitment procedure. Employers want to find out how you perform in different situations and devise
activities / role plays to test you in various ways.

Although they may seem like a way for assessors to get cheap laughs at your expense by putting you in embarrassing situations, they are actually used for several very valid reasons. They are less subjective, and don’t just cover the same ground in the same way as the first interview, while allowing the employer to find out about your ability to work with others.

This DVD gives you the tips and techniques to make sure you not only succeed
at an assessment day but enjoy the process as well.

Brilliant Public Speaking

“Brilliant Public Speaking” DVD & CD

According to studies – more people would rather die than speak in public.

However those that learn this skill earn more money, are more popular, and achieve much more success.

Whether you have to give a presentation at an interview or deliver a wedding speech, this DVD will help you overcome those nerves to become a great speaker.

These are skills that anyone can learn and best of all, those that have mastered this skill earn more money, win the promotions and are better negotiators, so this small investment will reap rewards forever.

CV Secrets

“175 CV Secrets” DVD & CD

Is your CV getting you every interview you apply for? If not – find out how you can be shortlisted for interviews again and again.

The DVD includes free downloadable CV templates, cover letter templates, and a list of powerful words and phrases proven to get your CV shortlisted.
The DVD also comes with a free audiobook for you to listen on your iPod or in the car. It is an easy and fun way to get a fantastic job winning CV.

Interview Experts

“The Interview Experts” 2 DVDs & CD

“207 Interview Techniques” DVD

Described as ‘The Perfect Interview’ by the Daily Mail, and featured by the BBC and Management Today, it uses proven interview techniques to massively boost your confidence and the number of job offers you receive.

“135 Interview Answers” DVD

This DVD guides you through some of the most difficult and stressful questions that are asked of candidates, giving step-by-step advice about how to answer the question followed by an actual example.


“InterviewGOLD” – online mock interview

InterviewGOLD is the leading online interview skills training system teaching you how to prepare for all stages of the interview process and how to sell yourself confidently and effectively.

InterviewGOLD combines a fast track interview skills course with video practice interviews and interactive mock interviews. With InterviewGOLD you will know what to expect, the questions they will ask and what to say and do to win the job offer.


“Top Career Strategies to Win Your Dream Job” E-book

This book will give you step by step advice on how to turn your career around. If you want to know EXACTLY how you can set yourself up for career success…… this could be the most important e-book you’ll ever read.

The strategies described in this book are effective no matter what the economical climate is – you can use them throughout your professional career. They will work whether you are looking for a new job, or whether you want to progress in your current organisation.

My motto is
Practice=Self-Confidence=Successful Interviewing=
Job Offers

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