Introverts’ Guide to a Smooth Job Search

Looking for a job doesn’t have to be so hard. While launching a job search may not rank in difficulty with rocket science, it has become increasingly difficult and more complex. If you add on top of that some Introvert tendencies, like a reluctance to “put yourself out there,” you are starting to nudge the […]

3 strategies to help your job search

Be Strategic in Your Job Search

Want a new job or a career this year?  Follow my three simple tips to help you make a career change faster… As a lead recruiter and Interview Coach, I’m seeing that many professionals make the mistake of posting their resume/CV online, or sending their resume to recruiters – and then sitting back and waiting for […]

When to spend your money on career coaching

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I had recently worked with an accountant who’d been to 17 (yes, seventeen!) interviews in the last several weeks, yet she still hadn’t secured a job offer. Her interview technique was very poor though, and I was very pleased that after our session, she secured a job offer after her next interview. I’ve also worked […]

Should you apply for jobs you aren’t fully qualified for?

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Someone’s asked me this question on my Facebook page last week. While I won’t give you a straight yes or no answer – I’d like share some observations from my recruitment work and also my interview coaching practice. Firstly, don’t let a list of requirements on a job description to intimidate you, especially if it […]

Interviews are NOT just about job responsibilities

Are you stuck in the notion that the job interview is just about the job duties – it’s NOT! Here is what the interviewer is really looking for. CAN HE/SHE DO THE JOB? The first item of business for an interviewer to determine is if you have the qualification to perform the duties of the […]