How to organise your job search and land your dream job

Job hunting can be a fast paced process, especially when searching and applying for numerous positions at the same time. Without organisation, it can become easy to lose track of where you are up to with each application, which can both waste your time and impact your productivity. Find out the different ways you can […]

Introverts’ Guide to a Smooth Job Search

Looking for a job doesn’t have to be so hard. While launching a job search may not rank in difficulty with rocket science, it has become increasingly difficult and more complex. If you add on top of that some Introvert tendencies, like a reluctance to “put yourself out there,” you are starting to nudge the […]

3 strategies to help your job search

Be Strategic in Your Job Search

Want a new job or a career this year?  Follow my three simple tips to help you make a career change faster… As a lead recruiter and Interview Coach, I’m seeing that many professionals make the mistake of posting their resume/CV online, or sending their resume to recruiters – and then sitting back and waiting for […]

When to spend your money on career coaching

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I had recently worked with an accountant who’d been to 17 (yes, seventeen!) interviews in the last several weeks, yet she still hadn’t secured a job offer. Her interview technique was very poor though, and I was very pleased that after our session, she secured a job offer after her next interview. I’ve also worked […]

Interviews are NOT just about job responsibilities

Are you stuck in the notion that the job interview is just about the job duties – it’s NOT! Here is what the interviewer is really looking for. CAN HE/SHE DO THE JOB? The first item of business for an interviewer to determine is if you have the qualification to perform the duties of the […]