Just to let you know Qatar Airways have offered me the job and I have accepted. I just want to say I don’t think I could have done it without you, so thank you very much for your help.

Ahmad M. Account Manager

After being made redundant I’ve spent 4,5 months looking for a job without success. Although I was able to secure interviews in the first place, I just couldn’t progress onto the next stage or secure a job offer. I then decided to consult an interview coach and came across Margaret. She was able to assist me in forming my answers whilst using the STAR technique. I haven’t realised how important it was up until then. Margaret gave me very valid advice with regards to tailoring my CV and how important it was for each and every role I was applying to. We had a couple of mock interviews and it helped me in a lot in raising my confidence and knowing how to conduct myself in interviews.

Although it took me couple more months to get the job at Ernst & Young, her advice was very useful and I highly recommend Margaret to those preparing for an interview or looking for a new job. She’s very dedicated, quick to respond and has a great level of knowledge and resources that are very helpful. Margaret is also kind and great to work with. I recommend using her services.

Manager, Big 4 consultancy firm

I did the interview today and it was the best performance I have ever done in a interview. I felt very calm once I got in there and was able to answer all the questions. I think this was down to the preparation so I really appreciate your help on that.

They have offered me the job too, so it’s worked out well! I would certainly look to use your help again in the future for whenever my next interview comes up.

Tom S, Accountant

I wanted to share my good news that l was offered the job l interviewed just before Christmas in Bath and l am so so grateful for all the help you gave me. They took a while to let me know as they were still interviewing after Christmas. I should be starting on 2nd February.

I prepared for the interview just as you suggested and in particular the first two questions ‘Tell me about yourself’ and ‘Why have you applied for this position’ – were very succinct and included my achievements. I think they liked that as the feedback l received from the Director was that l did an excellent interview!

Thank you so so much, this was my 12th interview since June and the one l felt most confident. l really believe your coaching really helped me focus my technique much more.

Thanks again and wish you all the best. I will most definitely recommend your service and no doubt contact you again in the future.

Lucie K, Performance & Improvement Manager

I am very grateful to Margaret as the one to one coaching gave me the confidence to perform very well during the interview process. I am a Banking professional with international experience and was looking for a role in Management Consulting for over one year yet I couldn’t convince Employers to both invest in me and understand the value I could add to their organization. I was getting interviews and also reaching the final stages of a couple of interviews without securing a role which was quite frustrating.

I knew my profile and CV was strong, but needed an extra edge over other candidates and the coaching session with Margaret was very beneficial. Would highly recommend it.

Hasan, Banker and Management Consultant

Has taken a lot of time to bring all these leads to fruition, but in the end, I had offers from 2 investment banks.

The RBS one trumped though, so I start there on Monday !

So it really remains to say a big thank you, for the interview help again. Extremely valuable, and helped me ace just about every interview I went for.

Many thanks again.”

James, Head of eChannels Strategy and Development

Margaret’s Interview coaching skills are extraordinary! She doesn’t just talk about what it takes to have a good interview. She will have you practice so you gain confidence and poise. Margaret coached me on how to take all the work experience and help me present it in a way that was articulate, authentic and professional. Margaret is also funny and easy going so you feel very comfortable with her as your Interview Coach.

Thank you Margaret for all your efforts, I have just received the contract today from the employer and I’m over the moon.

Thank you once again.”

Ravi Navam, Senior Network Engineer

The interview went really well and I was offered the job… I start on 18th when I get back from holiday!  Thanks again for working with me, I found the whole experience incredibly useful!”

Catherine P, Corporate Adviser Membership

 I got the Croydon post at the end of April. Really enjoying this assignment. Interview coaching was v. helpful – thank you!”

Neil N, Health and Social Care Consultant

Hi Margaret. Just to share the good news: I got the job!  Thank you for your support in such short notice. Your tips were essential and they gave me the extra confidence I needed to perform at my best!”

Jonas G, Planning & Logistics at Jaguar Land Lover

I’ve been offered the job we last discussed about and I am starting at Goldman Sachs on 19th May. Thank you SO much for all if your help, I truly believe that our sessions made a huge difference and brought me closer to the desirable result of landing the job! Happy to meet for a coffee before I start, to recommend you to friends and colleagues and of course to be in touch in future!”

Nikki Kolyvani, Head of Events

Just wanted to let you know that I have been offered a place on the London Business School’s Executive MBA – sorry for not writing to you earlier but I’ve had a completely mad couple of weeks since the interview.  Thanks so much for your help – you really helped me a lot in terms of building my confidence and structuring my answers.”

Jonathan Crouch

Good news they offered me the job almost immediately. Clearly, I am very grateful for your contribution to this as I just kept on giving “star” examples even before they asked. Unlike any other interview I ever done I really felt prepared.”

Lead Research Nurse

Quick note to let you know that I got the promotion! It was the first of the two interviews that came up. Overall very pleased, thanks for your advice and assistance.

The questions were very similar, the same interviewers as one of my previous attempts, so the questions just had some slight variation.

Starting in 2 weeks time. One of my opponents came a very close 2nd, two percentage points behind!!

Thanks again, I think it was the visualisation techniques that really got me focusing on the positives.”

Senior Engineer, Ford

I got the job! Finally heard the good news after 3 months of waiting. Thank you so much for your help. It was worth every minute!”

Employment Judge

Finally I have some good news for you! I’ve had some final meetings today and received an offer. This was for one of the positions where I did the first interview last Friday. We were quite far apart on salary but they called me back this evening and increased it by 30%. The role is corporate finance / M&A at an independent company. I think it is a good choice and I start on Thursday!

Many thanks for all your help. It wasn’t the easiest of processes for me and I think the catalyst of doing something to improve my interview performance definitely helped.”

Colm S., corporate finance/M&A

I found my performance during job interviews needed improvement. Margaret Buj send me her e-books, a blueprint on the basics of doing interviews and we did a practice interview and some exercises: optimizing my story and confidence. She provided concrete and fast answers to every question asked.

A very enjoyable experience, with a pleasant person. Worth every penny. I gladly recommend Margaret Buj as an Interview Coach to anyone in a similar situation.”

Senior Category Manager Technology EMEA

Absolutely thrilled to be writing this review. I met twice with Margaret and then went in to the interview for my dream job and nailed it! Absolutely delighted. Margaret has helped me get my career back on track as I will be working in the sector that I have wished to return to for the last year and a half. I found the sessions with Margaret absolutely fascinating. She really helped me to get back to the basics, structuring my interview answers and highlighting my previous achievements relevant to the job. She helped me to focus on selling my skills and previous achievements using the STAR method, which worked wonders. In previous interviews I had been reading every single bit of literature about the company I was interviewing with, rather than focusing on what I could bring to the company, selling myself, my experience and my skills in a coherent way. Margaret has shown me that both things are equally important when interviewing. She also helped me to streamline my answers, to avoid “blabbering” (as I have a tendency to do!) I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone, at any level. Thank you so much, Margaret. Great job!  Sorry it’s taken a while! I hear you’re meeting up with my brother-in-law – see, I have been singing your praises!  Thank you so much once again.”

Phillipa Straker

 I engaged with Margaret for senior executive interview training. She took time to understand me and my skills then went through a process of preparing me for interviews including feedback on my CV. Margaret is clearly very knowledgeable about what drives recruiters at large organisations and her expert advice helped me land my ideal role.”

Luke Ireland, MBA, Managing Director EMEA/ROW at a consumer goods company

Hope you’re well. Been meaning to send you an email for a while – I had interviews with two companies since I last saw you and it looks like I got a job with one of them. Apparently I’m the one they want (already had the call from HR talking me through their benefits and the recruiter confirmed that I’m the preferred candidate), now we’re just waiting for sign-off from the US. It seems to take quite a while, fingers crossed. Anyway, I’m sure it had a lot to do with the interview training, I felt so much more in control and had a lot more to say than in previous interviews. So thank you! It’s a really good job with a global company, lots of travel and with a lot of scope for my career.  So whatever happens, I’m much more confident in interview situations…so glad I had the training. The material you sent was also very useful.”

Sr. PR Manager

 I also wanted to let you know the good news…. I got the Reading job!!! I am so, so pleased as it was the full time, permanent position that I really wanted!!

A massive thank you to you for your time and brilliant coaching session. Although I knew which areas of the interviews I was struggling with and which areas needed improvement, it was fantastic to have the opportunity to spend that time with you and gain some great advice. I think the visualisation technique you told me was amazing and it definitely helped as it was something I thought about a lot prior to the interview. I was glad to put into practice what I had learnt from you at my interview on Monday in Bristol and although I felt that interview went better than ones before my coaching session, I decided when I was there that I wouldn’t like their job anyway.

I went into the Reading interview feeling calm and centred and most of all very prepared. Afterwards I was thrilled how the interview had gone and was pleased that I had done my best. They told me in the interview (at 3pm Tuesday) that they would get back to us on Thursday with their decision. They phoned me at 4pm on Tuesday to let me know I had been successful and that although another candidate was currently working in the field and thus had more experience than me, I had interviewed so well and was so enthusiastic that they wanted me in their team instead!

A million thank you’s as I am delighted to have got the job I wanted and feel that your coaching was a big contribution to this success. I have already recommended you to a friend!”

Catherine Blaikley, Community Dietitian

Good news from one of my interviews that I did on Tuesday. This interview was confirmed to me on Monday (I think I did not mention it to you over the weekend). Well, they offered me a contract initially to start with because I appeared to be very shy to them… so they will give me one month’s trial to see how I get on with the job. I also got another offer on Friday but decided to stick with the first offer. While I’d have preferred to get a permanent job, I am not complaining about getting 2 offers in a week after 20 unsuccessful interviews in the last few months!:-) Thanks again for your help.”

Irene Mariki

 I didn’t get the workshop leader job as apparently I was over qualified so I went for a meeting with the Royal Exchange’s education department and told them exactly what I wanted from a role, should they offer me a position. They did! I am now the Creative Associate for a project called Truth About Youth for the Royal Exchange.  Your session helped me to be able to sell my potential and this was the positive end result. Thank you!”

Rachel Jade Brogan

 I just wanted to let you know that I got a job as a paralegal and I’m grateful for the help you gave me as it really did help.”


Thank you very much for the interview coaching. Having been unemployed for almost a year, I had lost my confidence. Thanks to your advice and the tips that you gave me after the mock interview, I was offered the position I applied for (Tenancy Support Worker working with ex-offenders). The interviewers said that I scored much higher than any other candidate and I demonstrated that I had the transferable skills and the passion to do the job. I know that I would not have got the job without your help.”

Mrs P Bradford

Margaret’s coaching was tremendously helpful. She switched straight from a relaxed discussion about what I felt I needed from coaching, and the demands of the job I was going for, into a really testing interview. I was amazed at how real she made it feel. The experience gave me some solid areas on which I had to improve and prepare for forthcoming interviews. I now have the perfect new job.”

Director of Development and Public Affairs

I just wanted to let you know about the interviews I came to you to prepare for; it’s been a long while, but I have only just heard back from the Department of Work and Pensions! I was successful, and was also successful with another interview I went for, so I now have the two positions to choose between. So I just wanted to say thank you again for your help and the practice. I think it really helped just in terms of rebuilding my confidence, so thanks ever so much for that.”

David Gold, Modern History & Politics graduate

I was quite skeptical whether interview coaching could help, but I am so glad I did it – I only wish I did it a year ago!

The position I was in before is that I was made redundant in April 2008, ALL interviews I’ve attended since I simply froze up, lost control in the way of keeping a structured discussion in place and I ended up talking a lot of mumbo jumbo. I knew I can perform these jobs inside out, I have many years of experience, I simply just made a mess of the interview. I’ve bought books, DVD’s, and I just didn’t know what to do anymore.

After just one phone coaching session with Margaret, my confidence has significantly improved and my interview yesterday went really well. Having a document in front of me with bullet pointed items helped me immensely and I can now clearly articulate how specifically I can add value. Thanks so much.”

Head of IT, a UK top 20 commercial law firm

Just wanted to let you know my good news, I’ve secured a position with a German laminate manufacturer. I’ll be managing existing and new business for the south of England region with the occasional visit to Germany.

I’m very excited about it and will be very, very pleased to get back into the fray!

I wanted to thank you for all your guidance, especially the structure element. I’ll pass your details to others which will hopefully result in more business for you. You have been an inspirational help to me, thank you”

Nigel Lindsell, Specification Sales Manager

In my personal life, I am a self-expressed confident person but as soon as I set foot in an interview or other (potentially stressful) professional situation, I would fall apart. I would get nervous, lose the ability to listen and comprehend what was being said, constantly be thinking about what I would say next and then forget what I wanted to say. It was a nightmare!

But things meaningfully improved for me after a few sessions with Margaret. Margaret was not only a great practice partner and coach but she also helped me see how other people see me. And much to my surprise, I actually come off pretty well!

I would not have been able to land my dream job as a consultant at a Fortune 500 firm without her. Definitely, one of the best investments I have ever made!”

Vanessa J, Consultant, Big 4 Consulting Firm

I was seeking entrance into an Executive MBA programme with one of the top Business Schools. Having been invited to attend an interview, I felt that I did not have enough confidence and I decided to approach Margaret.

The interview practice session with Magaret tested my ability to maintain a clear train of thoughts and convey a clear message, probed my thinking on the feet and boosted my confidence.Money very well spent.”

Chris J, Executive MBA student, London Business School

I approached Margaret because I have had several job interviews recently and felt that I was not coming across positively enough and that I was not ‘selling’ my skills and experience effectively to employers.

The session with Margaret gave me a really valuable opportunity to practice my interview skills without the pressure and the nerves of a real interview. The feedback was really useful as Margaret was able to point out various aspects of my performance that I was not at all aware of (e.g. I was smiling throughout the interview, which didn’t give the impression of me being a serious candidate for a senior position and I kept talking about ‘we’ rather than what I had achieved in my career). She helped me to structure my answers and focus on my most impressive achievements.

Margaret also gave me useful feedback by e-mail and continued to coach me in the run-up to the interview, giving me valuable pointers about what I should focus on in preparation for the interview. As a result I felt much more confident at interview and didn’t go away kicking myself because I had not mentioned the key achievements which were most relevant to the post.

I would recommend Margaret as an interview coach – her advice was clear, practical and detailed.”

Regeneration Officer, Lambeth Council

I thought I would update you on my current status. I was offered a position at Hewlett Packard, but I declined it. I had my second interview with HSBC on Tuesday and should have an answer on Monday, but I also had 2 interviews with Tetrapak and they have offered me a job today and I have accepted.  I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help and advice.

Rahima Khalifa, Buyer

I had been getting mixed signals about my interview technique which had begun to demotivate me. This is when I had been told that I was a good interviewer. The session with Margaret was tough but useful. It is comforting to know that it might not be you performing badly but the interviewer. Margaret provided me with some top tips to negate this problem. Well worth the time and the money.”

Sean Martindill, Senior Account Manager, British Gas and Help The Aged Partnership

I went to see Margaret because I was getting plenty of interviews but no job offers. The anecdotal feedback I was getting suggested that it was something to do with my interview technique, and particularly something around not being ‘dynamic’ or ‘sparky’ enough, even though I was technically very good. The coaching session with Margaret was really useful – from the moment she pointed out that my introductory handshake was a bit limp through the very grueling and totally realistic 40 minute interview to the detailed feedback, both at the end of the session and in the follow up email. What was particularly revealing was the realisation that I could be very ‘dynamic’ and ‘sparky’ as long as I stayed focused on the questions, had done my background research, and avoided waffling. I went away feeling very confident that I could do well in any interview situation.”

Leslie Chapman, Interim Manager/Organizational Consultant, Therapeia Ltd

I just wanted to let you know that I did get the job I applied for, and am starting next month. Thank you very much for your help with the interview preparation. It was extremely helpful to practice answering questions – you gave me some really useful feedback and I felt so much more confident and prepared, especially after the second session.”

Manager, Big 4 Accountancy Practice

The first time I contacted Margaret, I had lots of questions and unknowns in my mind. I was also feeling a bit de-motivated by my job-hunting experience. It was a great pleasure to cover all these matters in a couple of sessions with Margaret, including regaining my motivation. “Margaret identified my needs and issues quickly and suggested efficient solutions with a professional approach. She provided subtle yet clear guidance which made it easy for me to understand what to do and how to do it. I have acquired a great amount of information about interview techniques, the best ways to expose my skills and most importantly, to look my situation from a different perspective. I now feel much more confident and objective.”

Cuneyt Yucel, Product Management Director

Thank you for all the support, help and encouragement you gave me at the beginning of this year. Sitting down with you and recreating my CV has made such an enormous difference in my life. The sessions I had with you allowed me to look at my life and my skills in a completely new way. Thank you for helping me to represent myself on paper (my CV), such that I had the confidence, power and focus to go for the job I really wanted! I am now a company Director of a limited company and I am on a salary higher than I had thought I would get.”

Kate Ryan, Director, Streetbeatz

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that I was yesterday offered the role of a Director for Education, Training and Development. Thanks for your help in getting me prepared.

Kathy Sienko, Clinical Engagement Lead, BT Health Executive


I was struggling to get my experience across at interviews and even on the phone to IT agents. I needed to look at the way I came across, both in what I said and how I said it. After a chat with Margaret about effective communication, going through examples, I shifted the way I spoke to agents. I spoke with confidence and clarity. Within two weeks I have had more interviews then in the previous months. During my recent interviews I structured my answers to push my strengths and actually enjoyed being interviewed, which for me underlines the difference Margaret has made to my job search. If you have a problem coming across well at interviews, I would highly recommend you speak to Margaret. She can make a big difference to improve your interview technique. My body language during interviews has also improved considerably.”

Yadevinder Gill, Senior Support/Business Analyst

Just to let you know that I’ve been offered the job with NHS Partnership as a receptionist. I am really happy as you can imagine and I convey my sincere thanks for all your help and support. I am due to start the job in October and they’ve confirmed that I was the preferred candidate for the job in August – there were about 145 applicants for this one position. Thanks once more!

Mrs K S (who found employment after being dismissed from a call centre after 10 years in the job)

Just to give you some feedback – I found the session we had very helpful in getting me back ‘on track’ in thinking about my career history and achievements and about presentation skills.

Although we met at an early state in my preparations it helped me to focus quickly and the questions that you sent through supported my preparations.

I have retained a post in the re-structured organisation – thanks so much for your help”

Carol L, Senior Policy Advisor

I had the assessment, interview and a presentation on the same day. The presentation went really well and the interview was ok as well.

It wasn’t until weeks later that we were given the outcome due to number of reasons.

Yes, I got the job. Everything I had prepared had paid off.

Can I just say that your advice and support had helped me a lot, the methods and approach we discussed were really helpful in my answers, thank you very much.

Just wanted to let you know that I got not just one, but 2 internships at law firms in Hong Kong! I think the one you helped me the most was the telephone interview, as after the phone interview, I got a second interview via video conference, the same skills you taught me applied!

I think I’d told you briefly about another interview which was a group exercise, I got that one as well!”

Thank you for your help, and I am very happy I spent that time with you!

Law Student

Just to let you know the interview went well and I have been offered the position. After 2 1/2 years I got a job again!

Thanks for your help.

Senior Manager, made redundant from a Managing Director role in a large media group in 2009, who just got a senior management job in independent education sector

I thought you’d like to know I got the job! The second interview was very intimate with two people interviewing me for 1.5 hours. No stone left unturned!

Thank you so much for your help and support – it gave me a lot of confidence and I was able to use STAR and PAR to good effect to talk about relevant examples.”

Principal Educational Psychologist